Aptitude test preparation

At what time between 4 and 5, will the hands of a clock coincide? (Answer in minutes up to 2 decimal places)
for this Q i have solved using every formula and technique yet i am getting the same ans- 21.81 and it is showing incorrect when i try to submit the following answer. can u pls tell the correct ans for the above mentioned Question!!!

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Did you round it first and then checked it??

still not accepting the answer to the above question

what about this
A watch loses 5 seconds in one hour and is set right at 7 am. What time will it show at 2 pm on the same day? (Answer in hh:mm:ss am/pm format)
it is not accepting the answer 01:59:25 pm
what is going on? I m not able to complete the whole section because of these questions.

It is correct, so there is something wrong with the question itself.