Which path is good for me

Hello everyone,

i am 2014 12th passout n dropped 4 years by some problems then i started my college [ B. Sc ( CS ) course ] from 2018 n completed graduation it in 2021 now … i like programming … started learning python then C in youtube videos n made one program in python which works by using telegram … i want to do job in programming … which is right path for me and how can i achieve that ??? kindly help n support.

Brother you have very less time so In my opinion you practice basic DSA and standard questions of every topic and try to get a job in service based companies like tcs, infosys , wipro etc. After that practice dsa questions and some devlopment along with your job and switch to top MNCs
or, You can go for msc and prepare for gate

bro, which programming language should i use ?

It will depend on what kind of job you want to get in programming First explore different fields find which suits you best then you will see a closer view(like earlier you were seeing 20 languages now you will be seeing say 4 ) After that choose one then go for it say C++ now for job lets say java is required then you will just have to learn syntax of java not whole programming. Like when people communicate some use Hindi some English some chinese but eventually we try to express things. So basic Concept is same(not completely) in every language of particular field.

If you want very easy to understand
pick python for tech companies and finance

If you want a fast language pick C++ or java for object oriented companies

Yes you can definitely achieve it. Choose your language, prepare your mind that it is going to tough and have a never give up attitude sure you will do it.