Which technology to choose for android development?

Kotlin Vs Java Vs Flutter Vs React Native – Which one to choose?

kotlin is official lang of android

Hi Sapna,

Ravindra here. I’m a professional Android and Flutter Developer. Sharing my experience with you.

If you want to go in Android, here’s my take.

  1. You know any one OOP programming language.
    (Possibly DSA also but not a straight requirement).
  2. Get a hang of Java (Max 3-4 days). This is just to understand the bigger picture of Java and how it works. Because, sometimes you will come up with legacy code written in Java and it will help you at least understand the code.
  3. Learn Kotlin, it is a very powerful language yet some concepts will be challenging like coroutines and all but they are important. Take 2-3 weeks minimum just learning Kotlin and all the challenging things in it. Multithreading, coroutines and other features. Don’t stuck if something you are not understanding, bookmark that topic and move on (unless it is needed to understand other topic).
  4. Start android development, learn and build projects. Understand the concepts thoroughly.

You will be android developer.

One professional advice, if you are in learning phase and have time don’t start with Flutter or React for android. But even if you did, make sure you learn core android because sometimes you need to create plugin or something directly natively for android and it will be a plus for you if you know android natively.

As of now, React has more jobs in the market and the community is mature. Flutter is also keeping pace, but believe me once you know the core. Switching between React/Flutter will be a matter of weeks. As a dev, always open for change and adaptability.

Never ever attach yourself with language, framework and tools as this is the hardest thing when it comes to changing or trying new things.